Integrative Women’s Health Program | Acupuncture CEU Course

TCM OBGYN Fundamentals Part 2: Physiology and Etiology

In the physiology and etiopathology of women’s health, TCM presents a unique viewpoint and its own distinctive terminology. During this class, terms such as Essence, Blood, Tian Kui, Chong, Ren, Eight Extraordinary Channels, and Bao Gong will be illustrated. The concept and function of Ming Men is discussed in depth. The classical view of Seven Emotions etiology is presented, along with the corresponding modern clinical studies of emotional causes of diseases.

On completion of this class, the participant will:
• Learn the 7 rings of clinical care in TCM OB Gyn treatment principle.
• Gain a deeper understanding of Ming Men and its relationship to reproductive physiology.
• Learn clinical patterns of the six exogenous pathogens as they relate to TCM OB Gyn

With: Dr. Daoshing Ni, Yo San University chair of Doctoral program in Women’s Health and Reproductive Medicine
2 NCCAOM PDA Points / 1 ½ CAB Unit 
$15      Includes .pdf notes, online quiz and certificate of completion (free to watch this video). Access time: unlimited

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Approved for CEU/PDA by:
NCCAOM Details: Core Competencies: AOM/Biomedicine: 2 PDA
California Details: California Category 1: 1 ½ CEU

Course Outline:

  1. TCM Reproductive Endocrinology
  2. Foundation for Reproduction
  3. Kidney Qi and Reproduction
  4. Ming Men – The Gate of Life
  5. 12 Governors
  6. Bao Embryonic
  7. Tian Gui Heavenly Water
  8. Menstruation
  9. Uterus and Zang Organs
  10. 8 Extra and Menstruation
  11. Four Phases of Menstruation
  12. Polarity of Etiology: Constitutional Immunity/Factor
  13. 3 Types of Etiology: Exogenous, Endogenous, Others
  14. Six Exogenous Pathogens  TCM OBGYN
  15. Wind Pathogen
  16. Cold Pathogen
  17. Heat Pathogen
  18. Damp Pathogen
  19. Seven Emotions – Endogenous Etiology
  20. Emotional Causes of Diseases: Modern Context