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Our 2022 Symposium Sponsors

Qualiherb provides top notch quality products from Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical, one of the leading modernized herbal medicine research center and manufacturing facilities in Taiwan. We offer wide range of herbal products from single extracted ingredient to improved traditional and custom formulation, and consumer products to suit your needs.

Qualiherb (Sheng Chang Pharmaceutical) Company was founded in 1946 with modernized facilities equipped with state-of-the art manufacturing equipment from Germany as well as a comprehensive R&D facility and TAF approved laboratory.

– Advanced Innovative R&D Center
– Strict Raw Material Selection Process
– Advanced Processing of Herbal Medicine
– State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facility
– Fully Automatic Packaging and Distribution Facility
– International TAF/ ISO170515 & National TFDA Certified.

Our goal is to provide TCM herbal products of utmost quality and integrity delivered on time to our customers.
We strive to make Qualiherb synonymous with trust in the realm of TCM providers in the U.S.

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E-Fong concentrated herbal teas have revolutionized the traditional raw herb industry.

Our concentrated herbal teas ensure the same results as the cooked raw herbs while offering the following added benefits: Convenient to inventory and dispense and ease of preparation.

Individual granulated packets and bottled granule products enable each practitioner the flexibility to formulate and modify formulas.
The concentrated herbal teas are all packaged to effectively protect against moisture and any outside contaminants.
Our products contain no sugar, or preservatives.

All products are tested for heavy metal and monitored under strict quality control practices.

E-Fong’s products, when first introduced, captured the prestigious “China Best Award” for excellence. Clinical practice involving 20 million patients in over 800 medical centers throughout the 32 provinces in China has proven its effectiveness. E-Fong granulated products are now available in over 30 countries and trusted by practitioners worldwide.

For over 20 years, E-Fong Herbs has been the national distributor of E-Fong granulated herbal products. Our high-concentrate granulated herbal tea products are specially packaged for distribution to licensed practitioners within the United States.

E-Fong is strongly committed to ensuring the safeness, effectiveness, stability, and controllability of our herbal tea products and conforms to all FDA regulations. Through rigid systems of manufacturing and quality control, E-Fong is able to maintain the traditional herbs’ quality, original flavor and fragrance!

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EACU Acupuncture Needles  

Our practitioners also love our EACU Acupuncture Needles. The EACU needles are made with high quality German surgical grade stainless steel and provide smooth & painless insertion.

EACU needles come in multiple style types, and in a wide range of sizes.
Such as, copper wire spiral handle needles (single hand use and bulk pack available), stainless steel spring handle needles (single hand use and bulk pack available, plastic color-coded handle needles, and specialty needles like hand, ear, or intradermal needles.

EACU needle are loved by practitioners and patients for their exceptional quality at affordable prices.

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*This promotion is only eligible for attendees of the 5th annual Yo San University Symposium. Promo code will be valid March 26 through April 26, 2022. at 11:59 PM ET, which will give 20% OFF your order and free ground shipping*. Exclusions apply. Full terms & conditions will be provided with the distribution of the promotion code.

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Golden Flower Chinese Herbs is a complete, single source for Chinese Medicine products. The Golden Flower Chinese Herbs line consists of over 125 of our own specially designed formulas. Golden Flower Chinese Herbs assembles its patent formulas from high-quality bulk herbs.

We offer traditional formulas as well as formulations by experienced clinicians like John Scott, Andy Ellis, and Jake Paul Fratkin. Each formula, whether traditional, modern, or a modification, is created to address the problems of patients in today’s clinic.

We are proud to offer our line of optimally concentrated formulas. We believe these tablets are the absolute best on the market today. Our pharmaceutical-grade tablets have high bio-availability; they are easy to swallow, easy to split by hand, and, because they are optimally concentrated, your patients take fewer of them than other herbal pills and tablets, and achieve better results.

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