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1. The proper functioning of Zi Gong requires normal activities of:
2. When Chong Mai is weakened, then menstruation:
3. Since Zi Gong can both store essence and discharge menses, it is considered:
4. Zi Gong’s main function is in:
5. Ren Mai, or Conception Channel, is also called:
6. Zi Gong connects directly with Kidney via:
7. When there is cessation of menstruation, it is frequently due to blockage in ________
8. In reproductive physiology, Kidney is the source of:
9. Ren Mai regulates:
10. Tian Kui can only be secreted when there is abundance of:
11. Kidney stores essence (Jing), and Jing transforms to:
12. The Huang Di Nei Jing describes women's reproductive physiology in cycles of::
13. During the reproductive years, Yangming (Bright Yang) is abundant with: