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1. An Experiental formula is based on:
2. Shan Han Lun is a discussion of:
3. The formula Liu Wei Di Huang Wan is indicated for:
4. The earliest documentation of herbal formulation is in:
5. The first Comprehensive Herbal Formula book is:
6. Who is the main figure in Shang Han Doctrine?
7. Shang Han Za Bing Lun is a composition of which two classics?
8. The main focus of Jin Kui Yao Lue is:
9. True or False: the writings of Zhang Zhong Jing were lost for a time and rediscovered later:
10. The treatise Handbook of Prescr iptions for Emergencies was written by
11. Ge Hong's formulations are:
12. The essence of Shang Han Lun is:
13. The formula Xiao Yao San is indicated for: