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1. Ministerial Fire is a function of:
2. Tian Gui or Heavenly Water is a manifestation of:
3. Endogenous Cold Pathogen can cause:
4. Ming Men is also called:
5. The location of Ming Men has been described as:
6. The energetic field called Bao occurs in the physiology of:
7. The arrival of Tian Gui is related to:
8. Fu Qing Zhu stated that, Menstrual blood is not blood, but ________:
9. In the Luteal phase of menstruation, Yang Qi:
10. In treating Heat Pathogenic conditions, exogoneous heat is considered:
11. In the Su Wen it is stated that, Hidden emotional issues can cause _________ :
12. The 1990 ACE study confirmed that traumatic childhood experience:
13. In the contemporary study of emotion and disease, hypothalamus disturbance is associated with: