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1. Who is the author for Huang Di Nei Jing?
2. What is the main focus of Su Wen?
3. At what age does Tian Kui arrive for normal reproductively healthy women?
4. What is the central publication of the Medical Classics Doctrine?
5. What are the two portions of Huang Di Nei Jing?
6. All doctrines originate from the fundamentals of ____________:
7. What is the main focus of Ling Shu?
8. Nan Jing, the Classics of Difficulties mainly focuses on:
9. For a male, at what age does Tian Kui dry up and the Jing is drained, resulting in kidney exhaustion, fatigue, and weakness?
10. The text of Nan Jing is a series of:
11. Nan Jing describes Ming Men as housing:
12. In the discussion of 8 influential points, LV 13 is called Meeting of:
13. In the discussion of 8 influential points, UB 17 is called Meeting of: