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1. Ge Hong said, “All students of the Tao begin their study by studying ____.”
2. Which one of the following is among the Five Major Contributions of Taoist Medicine to TCM?
3. A principle of treatment strategy in Taoist Medicine is:
4. When is the inception of Taoist Medicine Doctrine?
5. True or False: Sun, Si Miao contributed to Taoist Medicine doctrine
6. Taoist Medicine is a blending of:
7. Who is one of the major representing doctors in the Taoist Medicine Doctrine?:
8. Which of the publications below is a classic in Taoist Medicine Doctrine?
9. True or False: fasting is a treatment method used in Taoist Medicine.
10. The Bao Pu Zi Nei Pian states:
11. In China, Sun, Si Miao is often called:
12. What IS NOT a central theme of Taoist Medicine Doctrine?
13. True or False: Ge Hong advocated effective, cheap, and convenient herbal formulations.