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1. Pathogens and their progressive consequences in the body create:
2. According to this doctrine, all treatments begin with:
3. Which of the following IS NOT among the three methods of detoxification:
4. The translation of Gong Xie is:
5. Pathogens weaken Qi, and in turn weak Qi:
6. The initiator of Pathogen Attacking Doctrine is the physician:
7. The method of attacking pathogens must be:
8. True of false: this doctrine proposes, Attack first, Tonify later:
9. Which category of disease is caused by pathogens:
10. All three methods of detoxification are accomplished by using
11. True of False: Diaphoresis, or sweating, method is used when the pathogen has attacked only the Biao and the tissues:
12. Always begin with a small dose of formula and increase gradually, refers to which treatment method:
13. Catharsis (or purging) method is especially suited for: