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1. In translating the units of dosage, 1 Liang equals:
2. What is the defining characteristic of a seizure:
3. Bell’s Palsy is associated with:
4. The author of Jin Gui Yao Lue is:
5. The main topic of Jin Gui Yao Lue is:
6. As a unit of dosage, 1 Jin equals:
7. Which of the following herbs is NOT used in the formulation of Gua Lou Gui Zhi Tang:
8. In clinical research, the formulation Gua Lou Gui Zhi Tang has shown effectiveness in the treatment of:
9. Neurontin is a contemporary drug treatment for:
10. Peripheral Neuropathy is most often the result of:
11. True or False: In clinical use, the formula Gan Cao Xie Xin Tang can be used to address oral ulcerations
12. A symptom of Reynaud's Disease is that the fingers and toes feel:
13. Premature Ventricular Contractions are a condition of the: