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1. Which of the following topics is among the eight contributions of Liu, Wan Su:
2. Fever raises the body's temperature levels in order to:
3. Inflammation is the ______ response of the immune system to infection:
4. One of the four major physicians of the Jin Yuan period is:
5. The founding environment of Fire Heat Doctrine is during the
6. How many distinct contributions did Liu, Wan Su make?
7. In Five Zang / Five Cycles Etiology, Lung corresponds to:
8. Six Qi can all transform to ______
9. Dryness consumes ______ fluid and frequently transforms to fire-heat
10. True or False: Extreme of Five Emotions creates Heat:
11. If Yang Qi is Stagnant, _________:
12. True or False: Fever is defined as an adaptive mechanism:
13. Most Fevers are caused by: