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1. In the pathology of Excessive Menstrual Flow, Qi Deficiency can result in:
2. Which of the following are among the symptoms of Menorrhagia:
3. In Decreased menstrual flow, treatment principles include:
4. The medical term for menstrual periods with abnormally heavy or prolonged bleeding is:
5. Which of the following are among the disorders associated with Excessive menstrual flow:
6. Which of the following are NOT among the three syndromes of Excessive menstrual flow:
7. In the differential diagnosis of Excessive menstrual flow, the practitioner must rule out:
8. In the main symptom of Menorrhagia, the flow is increased obviously and the cycle duration is:
9. Hypomenorrhea is defined as:
10. In the pathology of Decreased menstrual flow, Excess conditions lead to:
11. In the pathology of Decreased menstrual flow, Deficient conditions lead to:
12. In the treatment of Decreased menstrual flow, herbs are used to address:
13. A note of caution in the herbal treatment protocol for Decreased menstrual flow is to avoid: