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1. Secondary amenorrhea is defined as:
2. Which of the following IS NOT among the exams used to diagnose amenorrhea:
3. In Qi and Blood deficiency, the pulse is:
4. Primary amenorrhea is defined as:
5. In the diagnosis of amenorrhea, the practitioner must first rule out:
6. Which of the following IS NOT among the causes of amenorrhea:
7. In the embryonic stage, which type of duct develops into the female reproductive organs:
8. The sexually undifferentiated male fetal testis secretes testosterone and:
9. Premature ovarian failure is associated with:
10. Congenital genital abnormalities are associated with:
11. Which of the following IS NOT among the TCM syndromes associated with Amenorrhea:
12. Which of the following factors contribute to Qi and Blood Deficiency:
13. In TCM the cause of amenorrhea is focused on Liver, Spleen, and Kidney, but the main factor is: