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1. The primary author of Shang Han Lun is:
2. True or False: The Shang Han Za Bing Lun refers to 2 treatises: Shan Han Lun and Jin Kui Yao Lue
3. Shang Han Lun classifies Febrile Diseases into how many stages:
4. Which of the following IS NOT among the Stages of Febrile Disease:
5. Shang Han Lun classifies treatments into how many methods:
6. True or False: Disease transmission follows a singular linear progression:
7. The methods of treatment described in Shang Han Lun include:
8. The Emesis method relieves pathogens through:
9. The Purgation method relieves pathogens through:
10. Learning Shang Han Lun requires a knowledge of: