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1. In Prolonged menstrual flow, the duration of menstruation is:
2. Which of the following are among the disorders associated with Prolonged menstrual flow:
3. Which of the following are NOT among the three syndromes of Prolonged menstrual flow:
4. Physical exams used to determine Prolonged menstrual flow include:
5. In blood stagnation, the menstrual blood color is:
6. In deficient heat, the menstrual blood color is:
7. True or False: the main pathology in Prolonged menstrual flow is Chong Ren loss of control function:
8. In the pathology of Prolonged menstrual flow, Excess conditions lead to:
9. In the treatment of Prolonged menstrual flow, herbs are most effectively used:
10. A note of caution in the herbal treatment protocol for Prolonged menstrual flow is to avoid: