Integrative Women’s Health Program | Acupuncture CEU Course

Prolonged Menstrual Flow: Menstrual Irregularities 6 

This class addresses prolonged menstrual flow, which is defined as up to 14 days of menstrual flow while the cycle remains normal. Possible underlying conditions include corpus luteum dysfunction, ovulatory dysfunction, and more. Etiology, diagnosis, and treatment strategies are discussed.

On completion of this class, the participant will:
• Learn the diagnosis and differentiation of syndromes in Prolonged Menstrual Flow.
• Learn the treatment principles that apply to Prolonged Menstrual Flow.
• Learn the herbal treatment protocol to address Prolonged Menstrual Flow.

With: Dr. Daoshing Ni
1 NCCAOM PDA Point / ½ CAB Unit  
$15      Includes .pdf notes, online quiz and certificate of completion       (free to watch this video)        Access time: Unlimited

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Approved for CEU/PDA by:
NCCAOM Details: Core Competencies: AOM/Biomedicine: 1 PDA
California Details: California Category 1: ½ CEU

Course Outline:

  1. Clinical Case History #6 Prolonged Menstrual Flow
  2. Possible conditions
  3. Etiology: Prolonged Menstrual Flow
  4. Etiology – Qi Deficiency
  5. Etiology – Deficient Heat
  6. Etiology – Blood Stagnation
  7. Pathology: Prolonged Menstrual Flow
  8. Diagnosis
  9. Differentiation of Syndromes
  10. Treatment Principles
  11. Herbal Therapy: Qi Deficiency
  12. Herbal Therapy: Deficient Heat
  13. Herbal Therapy: Blood Stagnation
  14. Clinical Case History #6 Review