Integrative Women’s Health Program | Acupuncture CEU Course

Inter-Menstrual Bleeding: Menstrual Irregularities 7

Inter-menstrual bleeding refers to vaginal bleeding at any time during the menstrual cycle other than during normal menstruation. It is a symptom, rather than a diagnosis, that requires further assessment for suspected gynecological cancers. While malignancy is an uncommon cause of abnormal bleeding, it must be considered in all patients. Physiology, etiology, and risk factors are presented in this class.

On completion of this class, the participant will:
• Learn the diagnosis and differentiation of syndromes in Inter-menstrual bleeding.
• Learn to identify the risk factors in cervical and vaginal cancer.
• Learn the herbal treatment protocol to address Inter-menstrual bleeding.

With: Dr. Daoshing Ni, co-founder of Yo San University
2 PDA NCCAOM/1  CAB Unit    
$15      Includes .pdf notes, online quiz and certificate of completion (free to watch this video). Access time: unlimited

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Approved for CEU/PDA by:
NCCAOM Details: Core Competencies: AOM/Biomedicine: 2 PDA
California Details: California Category 1: 1 CEU

Course Outline:

  1. Clinical Case: Intermenstrual Bleeding
  2. Definitions: Intermenstrual Bleeding (IMB)
  3. Midcycle Spotting or Bleeding
  4. IMB and PCB
  5. Epidemiology
  6. Etiology
  7. Causes of postcoital bleeding
  8. Cervical Erosion
  9. Cervical Polyp
  10. Vaginal Cancer
  11. Cervical Cancer Incident Rate
  12. Cervical Cancer Screening
  13. Cervical Cancer Staging
  14. Tumor Extent
  15. Lymph Node Spread and Metastasis
  16. Causes of inter-menstrual bleeding
  17. Causes of breakthrough bleeding
  18. TCM Etiology
  19. TCM Etiology: Kidney Yin Deficiency
  20. TCM Etiology: Damp Heat
  21. TCM Etiology: Blood Stagnation
  22. TCM Pathology
  23. Diagnosis
  24. Clinical Case Review
  25. Cycle Analysis