Where can I find the Acupuncture Points Podcast Episodes?

For practicing acupuncturists, each episode in this weekly podcast explores needling technique, indications, and clinical applications for a set of five individual acupuncture points. The conversation is based on the personal experiences of two seasoned practitioners, each with over 30 years of clinical practice.

Dr. Daoshing Ni is the co-founder of Yo San University of Traditional [… read more]

Can I view a course for Free?

Yes, you can view any of our courses for free just by clicking on the video. If you don’t need a CEU and just want to expand your knowledge, we invite to watch all of our courses for free.
To take the quiz and get a CEU certificate, you’ll need to purchase the course.

How can I study for the quiz?

Of course, by listening to the lecture. In addition, you can view the Class Notes and find all of the information you need to correctly answer the quiz questions.

A passing score is 70% or higher, and you can re-take the quiz as many times as needed. Remember this is an open book quiz, so we [… read more]